Her Story

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Sini and Viola watched Commander Torlax’s forces advance into the night until the vibrations in the ground faded to stillness.

Smiling, Viola picked up one of the Leftenant’s wings. “Tell me how you did this.”

Sini closed her eyes, but the visions she hoped to shut out only played more vividly. “My assignment was to let them capture me, find out what happens to the prisoners, and escape. Sirehta assigned someone to pull me out if it looked like I was in real trouble, but only as a last resort.”


She bit her lips remembering the Leftenant’s claws clamped around her throat when he threw her to the ground, his icy hate, his scorching breath on her face while she kicked and thrashed to get loose. He pinned her wings and two of her arms to her sides. She used a free arm to scratch at his eyes, and when he jerked back from her attack, she yanked his hand off her neck. Then she screamed. And screamed.

He tried to smother her with his body, sliding his thorax across her mouth, lifting his abdomen to force his chest harder onto her face, but she turned her head, curled forward, and caught a mouthful of something firm but unprotected. She bit down hard and tasted blood.

The wasp went limp.

She was still screaming. Rolling him off her, she stood, shaking, screaming over him, seeing through a veil of fury and tears. And elation. She was infinite in her triumph, and her screams were a tribute to her victory. Without thought, without reason, she ripped out his wings and held them over her head while she screamed her conquest to the universe.


A tiny tremor shivered through her. She said, “He was overconfident. We fought. I knocked him out. I took his wings.”

“That was it, huh?” Viola asked, looking at the bloody muscle tissue hanging from the wing in her hands.

Sini shrugged. “That was it.”

To be continued. . .

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Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

8 thoughts on “Her Story”

    1. Haha, yes! I think women’s strengths and heroism are far more internal than men’s, even when they’re of the same level and take place in the same arena. I find internal intensity more interesting and fun to explore, and I suspect most female readers might, too. I don’t know if that’s true about male readers, but I can hope. I think you’re right that we tend to hold the intensity of our struggles close, and present the only facts outwardly. Although we can be emotional and unrestrained about our weaknesses. I wonder if those traits — if I’ve got a good sense of them — hold women back or contribute to greater depth and self-understanding.


    1. I like the tension between evidence of a dramatic struggle and the subdued outward appearance of its impact. Viola knows there’s more to the story, but what Sini doesn’t say would lay her bare before a stranger. That reluctance itself is telling, isn’t it?


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