Moodle Army #5: Center of the Universe!

Haylee’s Moodle challenge this week was to place ourselves at the Center of the Universe! Infinite choices distilled to a single point.

Here’s mine:


The purpose of a moodle is to doodle yourself to a happy mood. You should join us for the fun of it. Hope to see your moodle next week!


Moodle Army #5 is open!

Moodle Army Challenge #5 is HUGE! Put myself at the Center of the Universe?! Wholly Infinity, Haylee!

Come join up — there’s plenty of room at the Center of the Universe.

Aloada Bobbins


Moodles – Doodles to change your mood for the better! Will you take part and enlist in the Moodle Army? Read on for this week’s challenge…

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Moodle Army #4: Lucky Charm

Here’s this week’s Moodle Army offerings. The Challenge was Lucky Charms, but it seems to have blended into Wishes as well.

Do join us! It will lift your mood to doodle. Watch for Haylee’s next challenge on Aloada Bobbins.

Aloada Bobbins

It’s time to show off the artistic talents in this week’s edition of the Moodle Army! This time, the subject had a specially requested ‘Kylie’ twist, loosely based on one of her earliest hits.


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Moodle Army Challenge #4

This week, Haylee’s Moodle Challenge is “Lucky Charm”.

I don’t believe in lucky charms. I mean, how lucky is a rabbit’s foot for the rabbit some poor superstitious dipstick got it from? (I admit, 4-leaf clovers are rare enough in my life to be romantically appealing. Besides, you have to be lucky to find one. Or maybe just single-mindedly dedicated.) And no matter how pretty the pastels are, my colorblind tastebuds insist the dodgy leprechaun’s dehydrated marshmallows are as delightful as astronaut ice cream, so I’m a bit at a loss here.


If wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak. Jayne Cobb

Those words of wisdom gave me a slightly skewed approach to the challenge: any object that tradition and myth imbue with the power to grant wishes would be lucky, right? Like old oil lamps or birthday candles — anything you might rub or blow. Right? (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Here’s my answer:

It’s nothing like having a lucky charm, right? Right?


Boycott Blues

Use your brain as well as your wallet when protesting.

Mellow  Curmudgeon

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Why am I glad that 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the East Asian Lunar Calendar?  Because I quickly found an image of a smirking rooster for this post.  Thank U, Ariadna Ada Sysoeva/  Why did I want such an image?  Read on, if U dare.arrogant-smirking-rooster

Despite not owning a gun, I sometimes shoot myself in the foot.  It is a common tendency among progressives.  Case in point: boycotting retailers like Walmart and Amazon that carry Trump-branded products w/o pushing them, not just boycotting the products themselves and those who push them.  We continue with appropriate made-up names.

Consider a retailer, say Walazon, that carries several lines of women’s fashions, including IvankyPanky and…

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Rejection Repurposed, #3

We inferred Rejection #3 from a Del Mar agency’s non-response yesterday. Today, to commemorate the non-occasion by making something beautiful, I created a book thong whose ornaments and colors imply the sea.
Elation is the tide that ebbs and flows. Happiness, the wave that comes and goes. Beneath them both, unending currents roll, and so Resolve propels us to our goal. S.T. Ranscht


Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere, waiting for me,
An agent stands on golden sands
And loves all the pages I’m sending.
New book thong in an old (1893) book

Moodle Army #4 is open!

Tired of politics? You should join us! Moodling is creative no matter how elementary you think your ability is. So stimulate your brain in a fun way!

Next week’s Moodle Army Challenge: Draw your Lucky Charm.

Aloada Bobbins


Moodles – Doodles to change your mood for the better! Will you take part and enlist in the Moodle Army? Read on for this week’s challenge…

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