William’s Doll

Baby Jason was Brylan’s baby to help him practice being a good daddy.

Brylan was always this gentle with Baby Jason. (We had a shower but no tub. Yay for the really deep sink!)

Brylan was four when he started kindergarten. He could already read and write (he had addressed the invitations to his fourth birthday party — not that I was proud of that or anything). His teacher, Mrs. Reels, was maybe 33, soft-spoken, kind, and pretty. Or maybe she was pretty because she was soft-spoken and kind. She loved the kids and offered them chances to Show and Tell about anything they chose.

Brylan chose Baby Jason for Show and Tell.

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Vaughn Mort

Just before Christmas, 1984, the first holiday season of my Child Care career, the second of Cabbage Patch Kids, I started thinking about adopting. I wasn’t too worried, after all, 1983 had been the Year of the Cabbage Patch Christmas Riots. Surely, Coleco had manufactured enough of them this year to meet the growing demand.

Oh, sorry. You didn’t think I meant to adopt a real child, did you?

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The Ultimate Universes

New view of the Pillars of Creation — visible
The Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation (NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope)

Don’t watch the video at the end unless you’re a True Math Nerd. I put it here only to prove what I’m about to say.

“There are an infinite number of infinities, and they are all different sizes.” Me. Summarizing part of Vsauce’s video, How to Count Past Infinity

Stick with me here… I promise, I’m not going to talk about math. I’m going to share my Black Hole/White Hole Theory and the cool analogy the talk of infinite infinities led me to.

“Oh yeah, THAT’S better.” You

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3 Day Quote Challenge, Day 3 — Sarcasm Font

From my unfiltered friend, Romero Russo of Sarcasm Font.

One last time, thanks to Sue Ranscht who brings you stories from a youth she’s probably too old to remember in Space, Time, and Raspberries. My theme is Unfortunate Quotes that Outlive Us. I, of course plan to have only fortunate quotes outlive me, so if somebody in the future attributes an unfortunate quote to me, […]

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Don’t Panic

“In the Total Perspective Vortex, you are given just one, momentary glimpse of the size of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation along with a tiny little marker saying, ‘You are here’.” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams


You are here 1

Embrace it with all your heart.

Optical Delusion

Way back in the day, a 13 year old girl could walk herself home in the middle of the night from a babysitting job three blocks from her house. Can they still do that? Do 13 year old girls still babysit?

Well, way back then I was 13 and walking myself home from a babysitting job three blocks from my house, when I had an epiphany.

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