Moodle Army Challenge, #1

Haylee of Aloada Bobbins set a Moodle Army Challenge to do a mood-changing doodle. The first assignment was:


Mine tries to capture an additional different perspective. 


Raise Your Voice… uh, Voices!


WritersCo-op is a welcoming cafe where you can share ideas about writing and marketing your work, help other authors by reading and commenting on their works in progress, and even seek their comments on yours. Plus, it’s a creative and enthusiastic bunch of fun folks!

writers co-op

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-05-42-41I am not a sarcastic person. Sarcasm strikes me as mean — snarky condemnations passive-aggressively issued by arrogant people desperate to feel superior to those they ridicule. Those who are not the target may think it’s witty, but maybe they’re just relieved and smugly enjoying the fact it wasn’t aimed at them. After all, does anyone really deserve such ridicule? I’m inclined to give all* people the benefit of the doubt, and accept their occasionally foolish, irritating, mind-raspingly stupid behavior as an entitlement every human may claim. Even I could claim it if I were ever foolish, irritating, or stupid. None of which, of course, I ever am.

That’s the reason Romero Russo was such a revelation. More than two years ago, Romero started writing a book called Sarcasm Font. My first public view of him was on Inkshares during a marketing contest. After completing the first five chapters of his ambiguously fictional story, he started blogging. People found…

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Join the Moodle Army!

Here’s a different kind of challenge that might help cure what ails you!

Aloada Bobbins

Wednesday’s are usually reserved for photography but today, I bring you a different type of creativity…

Doodle: A little drawing.

Moodle: A drawing to change your mood.

Moodle Army: A group of people who draw their way to happiness!

Okay, so what am I on about, other than messing around with words?

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Speaking of Beautiful Things…

I’m making a shrug. No, not this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This, but with color. Much more color:

Like a sweater made out of a knitted rectangle  (Photo credit: Lion Brand Yarn Company)

Totally different.

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