I am a writer. But — apparently unlike most of today’s writers — I love young adult science fiction/fantasy, and abhor steamy romance. I mean, if I want to get all hot and bothered, I’m not interested in doing it in a voyeuristic capacity, ya know?

What interests me is telling exciting stories about diverse people in life-changing situations. First and foremost, they are stories about people. Thinking, feeling — hopefully memorable — people with flaws, hopes and dreams, and obstacles they either have to overcome or succumb to. Stories that explore ideas you might not encounter on this planet, but grow from the humanity we’re all familiar with. So of course there are relationships that grow to love. Or hate. Or both at once. But, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the story’s the thing. Let me tell you a story…

To paraphrase Rod Stewart, every selfie tells a story, don’t it?


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sue! We met during the A to Z Challenge. Just wanted to let you know that for pure fun, I started a #FictionFriday Challenge where music lyrics are used as prompts and we could read each other’s work. If you are interested, feel free to take a look. Cheers! M xoxo

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    1. Thanks for thinking of me, Marquessa! The #FictionFriday Challenge looks like it could accommodate a wide range of styles and interpretations — which makes it appealing. I’ll let this week’s prompt simmer in my brain for a bit, and see what I can come up with. ūüėČ


  2. Hi Sue, thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says! Come again, stay a while – have a drink even. I look forward to seeing more of you in the blogging world. Don’t forget, if you like music then check out my music blog talkaboutpopmusic.com. Steve…

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