A to Z Theme Reveal

One year ago, I stepped off the cliff and fell into Space, Time, and Raspberries.

Kind of a squishy, juicy landing, but — ooo! — was it ever yummy!

It was the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge, and I finally saw a reason to set up a site of my own. When I’d signed up for a WordPress account two years earlier, I didn’t really anticipate becoming a blogger. I only did it so I could comment on a friend’s posts. (Huh. It didn’t seem so silly back then.)

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Moodle Army #9: Comfort Zone

It’s risky to experiment outside your comfort zone even when no one is looking, . When you try something new, knowing other people will see the result, it can paralyze you. What does it say about you if you do it anyway?

You decide. 🙂

Aloada Bobbins

It’s time to show off the artistic talents in this week’s edition of the Moodle Army!

Comfort zones…whether taken literally or figuratively, they conjure images of safety, cosiness, and rooms adorned in as many Hygge-worthy soft furnishings as you can crochet from alpaca wool (in my head anyway!) So had I gone a step too far by asking the Moodle recruits to leave such wondrous surroundings?


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Moodle Army #9, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This week, Haylee of Aloada Bobbins asked the Moodle Army to step outside its collective comfort zones. She suggested moodling with a mouth, foot, or non-dominant hand, in each case, preferably one’s own.

I left a comment:

“So many possibilities. If I use my feet, there will be double the discomfort — first, trying something so untried, and second, the sockless cold. Brrr!” Me, hating cold feet.

In response, our Glorious Leader challenged me directly:

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Rejection Repurposed, #4

Tacoma 2, Postcards, Duncan James Livingston
Tacoma Rainbow Postcards (Photo credit: Duncan James Livingston)

We recently received a form letter rejection of ENHANCED from an agency based in Tacoma, where 41″ of rain fall every year. That’s 2″ more than the national average, and doesn’t even count Tacoma’s annual 4″ of snow.

My point is that Tacoma is green. Emerald green.

A reminder: When Robb and I embarked on the Big Game Agent Safari, I decided to commemorate each rejection by making something beautiful.

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Moodle Army #8: Hero

For this week’s Moodle Army Challenge, we outed our inner Superhero!

Aloada Bobbins

It’s time to show off the artistic talents in this week’s edition of the Moodle Army. I was beginning to worry that the Moodle recruits were hidden behind invisibility cloaks this week, but like true superheroes, they came racing to artistic rescue in the nick of time!


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