What’s that smell? Rejection No2

Colorado, America’s true mountain high state

ENHANCED‘s Rejection N°2 arrived as a form email. It came from an agency in Colorado, so I thought it would be appropriate to focus on a meaningful creation that you might not consider classically “beautiful”.

It’s a book thong. I didn’t invent them, but I’ve made a few as gifts. This one’s for me.

The Story

Red Bead

In 1969, Jean-Marie Carroll, a UCSD junior who had been raised by his grandmother in Algeria, put the red bead on a string and made a present of it. It was the first piece of jewelry a guy ever gave me. I was a freshman at SDSU, and I was completely oblivious. He, on the other hand, is now all New-Agey and looks like Eugene Levy in A Mighty Wind.

J-M C’s doppleganger. Bullet dodged. Obliviously.
Yellow Beads

During the ’70’s, a young woman named Liz strung the cylindrical beads on the leather lace, and attached it to an alligator clip. Yes, it was exactly what you’re thinking. We all shared a lot of things back then, and somehow, the clip became mine. Eventually, the leather broke up with the alligator, and rebounded to be repurposed into something I can use now that I’m no longer livin’ la vida loca.

And it works perfectly.

Maybe not beautiful, but its story warms me.

Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

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