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Elliot couldn’t escape his previous cramped quarters quickly enough. Sparing them one brief backward glance, he raced off to seek adventure and fortune. And who knew? Maybe even romance.

To be continued…

Next time . . .

“Wait a minute. That’s it? That’s all? You call yourself a writer?” You, feeling cheated by such brevity.

Yes, that’s it, that’s all, and I do call myself a writer, thank you very much. But I want you to get your money’s worth be happy, so I’m offering you a twofer.

Last year, my first blog post ever was the “A” post of the 2016 A to Z Challenge, so I didn’t have much of an audience. Not that the quality of its members wasn’t stellar, just that there weren’t many of them. And it turned out that I wrote a bunch of stuff I’m — dare I say it — proud of. So in order to give you more, and see if those posts appeal to anyone else, I will post last year’s posts directly below this year’s.

“How’s that?” Me, the introverted optimist knowing I won’t get any answers till after the deed is done.

Here goes. From April 1, 2016:


Yeah, I’m new to this whole blogging thing. I’ve anticipated, in a somnambulistic sort of way, writing one — someday. I just didn’t know it would be today. But somebody I respect suggested the Blogging from A to Z Challenge  would be a good way to break into the blogging habit, and I believed him. My anticipation is now fully awake. And quaking.

It’s not that I haven’t ever committed to writing on a regular basis. I have. In fact, I’ve got a little light fantasy/adventure serial thing going, over on FB called Live to Tell the Tales. (The Perils of Pauline ain’t got nothin’ on Elliot’s Adventures!) Ten months of daily bite-sized episodes — each with its own photo — and some enthusiastically loyal readers. It’s on hold right now because The Book took over. (Another story for another day. Hey, maybe tomorrow: B Day!)

TBT 32*
“What the hell am I doing here?” (Photo credit: Patty Speidel, my older sister. Model credit: Brylan, my 1-hour old son. Many years ago.)

Anyway, this post is about Anticipation. That delicious knowing that something unknown is about to happen. If I were an anxious sort of person, it might not be so delicious, but I’m not, so it is. That standing-on-tiptoe-leaning-into-the-wind feeling, just waiting for it to hold you up. Or drop you flat.

“Faith is not a dirty word and hope is not for fools.” Robert Downey, Jr.

That’s my favorite thing about anticipation — it’s so hopeful. Possibilities soar on iridescent wings in a dazzling sky, carrying your heart, your dreams, your future to heights you’ve never seen. Will you land on your feet or plummet to Earth in a fireball of passion?

Landing on your feet is sweet, but a fireball of passion becomes a mythic Phoenix. So either way, you win — if you don’t mind re-inventing yourself. Honestly, how many times has that already happened to you?

Maybe that’s what anticipation is for. Creating a new vision of what might be. So I’ve created a blog. I hope you’ll find some semi-precious nuggets here, or a laugh or two, and I hope you’ll join me as I find my feet and my way.

I anticipate being here tomorrow.


Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

331 thoughts on “Adventure!”

  1. That onehour photo of your son – gorgeous!
    I, too, even after almost 4 years of blogging, have a small ‘following’ but it’s never been about the numbers for me. Like all (he)artistic endeavors, it’s just something that needs to be created! Although, in my case it’s more of a supportive thing with my music having first slot in the attention queue.
    Eliot is very creative, indeed – just now doing a true catch up of his adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Laura. You’re right, it’s not about the numbers, but if we didn’t hope to share our thoughts or our creative endeavors, wouldn’t we just keep private diaries? 🙂

      I’ve listened to your music samples — from soothing and melodic to the edgy discordance of the etudes — all complex and beautiful, and touching. At least that’s what my less than expert ears hear. You play with elegance.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for sharing that post, Laura. I understand just what you mean. Maybe that’s one of the advantages to getting older — I find that there are books I know I’ve read before, and movies I know I’ve seen that I don’t remember, so they are new again!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Go, Elliot!! And I know what you mean about small followings–But we do it for the love of writing, don’t we :)? Sort of, but it’s nice to see those likes and comments, too. I love your photo prompts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts, Sorchia. Haha, yes, sort of… we could sit cut off from the world, reading and writing, but to connect with writers and readers is to live in a meaningful universe, no?


  3. Hello! I will be interested to see what happens with Elliot, and I thoroughly understand the desire to embrace brevity. Like, thoroughly. Also, I was pleased to see that you reference The Perils of Pauline. Have you read it? I… tried. I really did. And I think I made it halfway through, more because I was interested in the form than for love of it for itself. Anyway, Elliot will surely trump Pauline!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Truthfully, I have not read them. When I was a child, my friends and I learned about Pauline and her perils by reference — mostly from our mothers and those iconic moments translated into film, often in cartoons (like the hapless heroine being tied to the railroad track by a mustache-twirling villain). I suppose we grew up with the idea of Pauline — that one bad thing after another befell an innocent damsel in distress at the hands of a heartless oppressor as she waited for a hero or serendipity to save her — rather than the girl herself. It was an innocent and sexist time. 😉

      Elliot’s trials will strengthen him and lead to bonds and commitments and wisdom — at least, I hope so.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’ll accompany Elliot along his way.


  4. I’m looking forward to reading your A to Z challenge from the beginning. I have such a bad memory, I don’t remember when I started my WordPress account. I do know that I was inspired by YOU! I’ve met Elliott already, but again because of my bad memory, his adventures will be exciting to follow…again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks, Marcia! Your support is precious to me. Re-visiting Elliot here allows me to perform some edits that I hope will improve the story. (It also allows me more time to pursue sewing for food. 😉 ) Besides, I too am at that age when it seems new. lol


  5. What a fun way to approach this year’s challenge! And thumbs up on both pieces of writing. I must say Elliot is much more handsome than I might have expected. And what a fine former house he’s leaving – I hope he finds something equally attractive. I’ll certainly be back for more adventuring. Happy A-to-Z-ing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Deborah. Elliot must believe in pronoia to leave familiarity behind and take off for the Great Unknown. I’m glad to meet you, and happy you’ll be joining us.


    1. That cliff hanger ending is the key to any serial worth its salt, isn’t it? Just don’t offer any of that salt to Elliot. 😉 Thanks for visiting and letting me know how much you liked them! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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