Commander Torlex

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Elliot 216
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Sini followed Viola to the salty playa where the Nocturnals of the newly formed Arids’ branch of the Alliance Army stood ready to deploy south to join the Freelands’ forces.

“—and my brothers will continue to coordinate the Alliance’s covert missions while the forces of Bog engage the enemy from the west,” Cahret said. Nodding toward the dignified iguana on his left, he indicated the next speaker. “Commander Torlex of The Arids.”

The Commander raised his chin, accentuating his underbite. “We who live in The Arids are tough. Our lives are hard, but we don’t abandon our homeland looking for something easier. Our ancestors handed us a history filled with scarcity and endurance, strength and survival.” He scanned the faces in front of him.

“Our neighbors see us as fierce and independent. That suits us. But I fear we have become so chained to the idea of endurance that we have lost our spirit and our independence. We have endured the rise of a tyrant, and our acceptance has made us subservient. If you doubt that truth, think of the mark you bear.”

The troops stirred the air with whispers.

“In all the years of my memory, The Arids has never been to war. It’s taken the wisdom of strangers from far away and the concern of our neighbors to the south and east to teach us that we need an army and our neighbors’ help to free ourselves from oppression. Now we are ready to take back our freedom. We will fight and we will win!”

The soldiers stomped their feet or beat their wings with force enough to cause the earth and sky to tremble. At a word from their Captains, they began their advance toward the General.

To be continued. . .

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