Leftenant Chaz

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Elliot 214
Photo credit: Rundstedt B. Rovillosos

Menace hung over The Arids, droning its way across the dying waste, closing in on the General’s War Council. Leftenant Chaz didn’t care that it was hours till sunrise; he and his squad flew whenever his uncle ordered.

Landing at the base entrance, the leftenant left his men to harangue the prisoners while he reported in.

“General Hai,” Chaz announced, interrupting a Council discussion, “we have prisoners. They need marking.” He turned his back and left.

Outside, his men were laughing.

“Hey, Leftenant!” one yelled, “Marley thinks he’s gonna have the young one, but we say she’s outta his league and he’s outta luck!”

Descending to face her, Chaz licked his lips. “What’s your name, girl?”

“Sini,” she whispered.

“Find somebody else, Marley,” he called. “She’s mine.”

Crying out, the diminutive creature struggled against her captors, tears flowing from her iridescent eyes as the rest of the captives shriveled in fear.

“Nice haul, men,” the General observed as he hovered over them.

“Do this one first,” Chaz indicated.

Obliging, the General said, “Make sure they contain the surplus; I’ve promised the Council entertainment and dessert.”

Turning to his men, the leftenant ordered, “Secure the prisoners before you take your share. No escapes this time, understood?”

Agreement grumbled beneath him as he grabbed the girl and dragged her through the air to drop behind a pile of rocks. Her screams electrified the night while the General marked those who stood shaking in the yard.

The screams stopped. General Hai returned to the Council.

Herding the prisoners into the chamber at the back of the main hall, the men chose their rewards and dispersed to hidden places to enjoy their spoils.


By the time Chaz came to, his men were out of earshot and his prize was gone.

So were his wings.

To be continued. . .

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