Fen’s Send Off

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Elliot 213
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In the starlit Field surrounded by most of Fen’s civilian residents, Captain Harper presented Fen’s troops to Queen Lilian the Magnificent.

“— and each Captain has their unit’s assignment. Daylight Land and Light of Day Aero forces deploy at sunrise. Nocturnal Land, Dark of Night Aero, and Hive Elite forces will deploy immediately following the Queen’s address. Your Magnificence, your troops stand ready.”

Scanning the assembled army, the Queen hovered before them.

“Each of you is a loyal citizen of Fen, trained to fight to defend your Kingdom, its many communities, and your precious families and friends. I know you do this with love and courage in your hearts.”

“Hear, hear!” yelled the Captain of the Nocturnal Land Squadron whose soldiers answered, “Hear, hear!”

Queen Lilian’s voice rose. “Fighting isn’t our first choice when facing conflict with our next door neighbor. War isn’t our first choice for resolving differences with neighboring Kingdoms.”

The crowd’s energy surged. The entire Daylight Land Squadron shouted, “Hear, hear!” and the Nocturnals answered, “Hear, hear!”

Lilian’s intensity burned. “We are facing an enemy who wants to seize control of all its neighbors and rule over them with terror and destruction. They have taken prisoners and killed innocents. They would enslave us to serve them with our labor and our lives. They will not bend and they will not reason.”

Captain Harper cried, “For Lady Lucy!” and the Hive Elite and both Aero Squadrons called, “For Lady Lucy!”

Her brilliance flaring over the field, Lilian’s voice rang. “We will fight this evil with all that we have. We will join our allies to end this threat. We will vanquish this tyrant to keep all lands free and save those he crushes beneath his heel! Go! Fight with honor! Win with pride!”

Captain Avery shouted, “For Bog! For the Freelands! For Fen!” and its echo escaped every throat. The Field shivered with beating wings and stomping feet.

As Lilian lit beside him, Vernon bowed to his Queen wishing he could kiss away her tears.

To be continued. . .

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