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Photo credit: Graeme Skinner

While inky night trickled over the Arids, Sirehta and his brothers wound their way toward the enemy’s base. Wary of night fliers, they had watched the skies and seen only one owl who must already have eaten or had no stomach to fight a writhing nest of vipers-on-the-move for a tasty dinner.

The Brothers numbered 17. None had remained behind. All were proud to repay the King of Bog for his kindness and for the damage they’d caused before they learned the truth about the Rebels.

“Sirehta,” Brother Cahret began, “is this to be our life now, spying for a King preparing to go to war?”

“Only if that is what we all choose,” Sirehta answered.

Cahret glowered. “I choose to return home, but I know that will never be possible.”

“Then you are free to suggest a different choice.”

Cahret moved forward in thought until his thoughts became words. “I am wondering how truly free are the subjects of a King.”

“I wonder also,” Sirehta responded. “We are not yet subjects of the King of Bog, but the time to decide our course is almost upon us. Perhaps we will find a new land where we can live as we used to. Perhaps the King of Bog knows of such a place. But for now—“

“Ssssst!” Cahret hissed, flicking his tongue in the cooling desert air. “There are many bodies ahead.”

To be continued. . .

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