Answering the Call

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Elliot 179
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“Thank you for coming, my friend,” King Arnie the Former welcomed Sirehta, the former Marauder.

Sirehta, Bringer of Death, answered the King of Bog’s summons without hesitation. This King’s honor had saved him and his brothers from enslavement at the hands of the Evil Ones to the north. King Arnie had shown the vipers compassion and mercy; he had offered them residence in the Kingdom of Bog. In return, they had fought beside the Knights, ensuring victory. The leader of Bog had earned Sirehta’s respect.

That respect only grew when the monarch invited him to sun himself as they spoke while the King chose to sit in the nearby shade.

“How may I be of service to you, Sir?”

“We’ve learned the identity of the Assassin, and we know where he is.”

“Do you wish me to slay him?”

The King bit his lips. “No. If I could guarantee your safety, I’d ask you to infiltrate General Hai’s army, learn their plans, and help me determine if there’s any hope of turning the Assassin against him. Because I can’t, I ask only that you go to the Arids in secret and learn what you can.”

“My brothers and I need no guarantee of safety to serve you in whatever manner you choose. None of the Evil Ones survived our final battle to return to their General and report our realigned loyalty. They will have no reason to suspect us.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you to plan the most effective way to achieve the goals. However, there is to be no killing except to save a life in immediate danger. We will not attack without provocation.”

“I understand, and I will make sure the brothers who wish to go with me understand as well. We will leave immediately to travel at optimum speed with the heat of the day and arrive before the ground is fully cooled.”

“Thank you, my friend. Please assure your brothers they have no obligation to join this venture, but when you return, I will be honored to grant each of you full rights as citizens of Bog.”

Sirehta bowed his head. “It is a discussion my brothers and I have not yet concluded. Some say they would be satisfied to spend their final days here. Some have spoken of seeking a land that might offer all the promises of our lost homeland. The only agreement we have reached so far is that we will choose one future for all of us.”

Watching Sirehta go, King Arnie wondered if there was anywhere the displaced vipers could find a new home that would truly offer them a future beyond their own lifetimes.

To be continued. . .

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