Julius and Miranda

Glad you could join us for the next creepy episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

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Photo credit: Tom Vezo

Late for her rendezvous in The Arids, Lady Lucy left the Freelands immediately after turning the Stinger prisoner over to Prince Elliot.

Julius and his family waited in the moonlight at the base of the tallest agave, just as they’d planned. “I was afraid you weren’t coming,” he whispered as she extended her left wing for them to climb onto her back.

“Sorry. I made sure the Stinger that General Hai sent to follow you saw me carry you off so he would go back home and report you dead. They won’t be looking for you. But the General’s messenger followed the Prince to the Freelands after I took you home, and we couldn’t have that. He saw me, but they’ve got him in custody, so I’m not too worried.”

“We’re just glad you’re here,” Julius said. “This is my partner, Miranda.”

With their babies clinging to her back, Miranda beamed. “Thank you for helping us. We really need a safer place to raise the children.”

Lucy’s stomach cringed as she viewed the squirming mass of teensy scorpions she was inviting to fly with her. She took a deep breath. “Queen Lilian is grateful you want to help, and honored to provide a safe home in Fen for you and your family. Um… they know to hold on tight to Mama, right?”

“Well, they’ve never flown before, but I don’t think they’ll wander too far,” their proud mother assured her.

“That’s… good,” Lady Lucy said as she lifted into the sky. In the privacy of her own head, she added, No matter how fast I fly, this trip is going to take too long.

Photo credit: J Centavo

To be continued. . .

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