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Elliot 164
Photo credit: Allison Frost

“Oh no no no no!” Arturo moaned, sinking to his knees beside the young vole’s body.

Barry staggered between the Knights with his hands covering his mouth while Clifton stood, head bowed, tears dripping to the ground.

His gut turned to lead and his brain an electrical storm, Elliot faced terrifying madness. He shut his eyes, but the carnage wouldn’t vanish. This was your doing, his disconnected mind insisted. You’re the one he wanted to talk to. You said to lock him up. If you’d just done as he asked, maybe you’d be the only one dead.

All he could say was, “I’m sorry. I am so very sorry.”

Rising to place a hand on the Prince’s shoulder, Arturo spoke gently. “This isn’t your doing, your Worthiness. You killed no one. Our friends were victims of cold-blooded disdain. This happened because this is what the killer wanted to do.”

“But how did it happen?” Clifton whispered. “How could all of them have been taken by surprise?”

“Maybe dat Assassin showed up,” Barry’s eyes burned. “Maybe he came here wit’ da messenger, an’ just hid till he hadda chance ta strike.”

“Or maybe there were others, too,” Arturo suggested.

Turning to Elliot, Clifton asked, “What should we do, Prince Elliot?”

Clifton’s faith in his leader was the rope Elliot grasped to pull himself back from the frazzled edge of sanity. They need my strength, he admonished himself.

Aloud he said, “They want our fear of them to make us weak, so we need to be strong.”

Nodding, Ambassador Arturo called to Theo who crouched beneath the trees. “Theo and I will take the news of little Chester’s death to his family, then I’ll go back to the Meadow. We have much work to do.”

Prince Elliot agreed. “We’ll return to the Council and tell them what happened. It’s time to build and train an Alliance army so we can take this fight to the General’s door.”

To be continued. . .

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