Running Wild

Glad you could join us for the next imaginative episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

Elliot 146
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At the news a prisoner had escaped, the Knights who had come to Fen with the King fell in behind him like a wall of spears.

“How did this happen? Was anyone hurt?” King Arnie questioned Barry.

“Someone claimin’ ta be a visitor knocked out da guard and stole his keys, yer Greatness. When he woke up, his head hurt, but he was okay enough ta take a trackin’ team after ’em.”


“Dey caught up wit’ da guy dat busted her out, but dey lost da old woman’s trail.”

“Who is he?”

Barry shrugged. “Nobody knows an’ he wou’n’t talk.”

“Thank you, Knight. Queen Lilian, I apologize for this disruption, but I’m afraid I need to return to Bog immediately.”

“What help can we offer you?” the Queen asked.

The King took a moment. “Until we can determine how much mischief Duggla and her new friend might cause, would you allow the Princess and her husband to remain here under your protection? Would you agree to let Clifton come with us to give him some inter-Kingdom experience dealing with the rebels before he asks to work with the Freelands? Knight Barry, here, could stay to take his place until we’re sure it’s safe for my daughter to come home.”

“Of course,” the Queen agreed. “I’ll notify my nephew and arrange for your provisions. Knight Barry, my Liaison Vernon will take you to the Princess.”

Following Vernon, Barry confided, “I haven’t been a Knight fer very long, but I tought I knew as much as anybody about our King. I mean, I’ve lived in Bog all my life, an’ I never realized King Arnie hadda daughter.”

“He never knew it himself until last night.”

The young Knight checked over both shoulders, and whispered, “So how do we know she’s not a fake, just tryin’ ta take advantage of ‘im?”

Vernon pierced Barry with a look. “Queen Lilian vouches for her.” He softened his tone. “You know the story of the Queen’s best friend, Persephone?”

“Sure. Ev’rybody in Bog knows about da King’s lost love.”

“Well, she shared her secret with Queen Lilian before leaving for the Deep Woods.”

“King Arnie an’ Persephone hadda baby? But she was a snail, dat’s why dey di’n’t marry.”

“Stranger things have happened, my friend.”

“I s’pose so, but still… Imagine dat.”

To be continued. . .

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