The Party’s Over

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Elliot 145
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Singing and dancing, stories and laughter, the woods filled with music and cheer. Contests and games, honors and congratulations, the community reveled in camaraderie and fellowship.

It was a night to hold in memory and revisit over the years in times of sorrow to lift a grieving heart, in lonely times to recall the bonds of friendship, or to polish up and present as a model for future times of grand celebration.

Every moment claimed special recognition in Vernon’s mind like milestones on a long-dreamed pilgrimage to a sacred shrine. Dining for the first time at the right hand of his Queen — his betrothed. A shared glance, a whispered word, an unexpected touch sending waves of delight through every cell of his enamored self.

Standing with her later as witnesses to the wedding, their hands entwined, he watched Princess Cassandra’s flowing beauty burnished in amber torchlight as King Arnie escorted her down the aisle to take Elliot as her Prince. As dazzling as she is, Vernon thought, she pales beside the exquisite elegance of her Magnificence — my love, my Lilian, he marveled.

But reeling from the swirling wonder of their first dance as he held Lilian so close her heart beat through his wounded chest, he nearly drowned in the depth of his gratitude.

“Grace and glory bloom before my eyes, within my hands,” he murmured in her ear. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your love, but I swear to you that I will spend all the days I have left striving to return it to you a thousand fold.”

And then she kissed him, and the glowing ember he’d kept deep inside burst to flame, consuming the final barrier between them until he no longer knew where he ended and she began.

He was still Liaison to Queen Lilian the Undisputed Monarch of the Kingdom of Fen, but he was so much more.

However, it was Vernon the Liaison to whom a Queen’s Guard from the Hive Elite reported as the fireflies faded in the encroaching dawn and the guests began to think of home and bed.

“Sir, a Knight of Service has arrived from Bog and insists on speaking to the King. He says it’s urgent.”

Delivering the message to King Arnie, Vernon nodded to the Guard who released the young Knight to enter the meadow.

Bounding forward on legs belying his apparent breathless exhaustion, Barry bent over his knees before his King to catch enough breath to speak.

“Yer Greatness,” he gasped, “Duggla da Crone has escaped.”

To be continued. . .

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