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Cassandra’s gasp of alarm breathed out as compassion. “Oh, you poor thing!”

The last gleam of daylight glimmered in sunset blue eyes, shadowed and lonely, tired beyond life, sorrowful and aching. Grime and cobwebs overlay a ragged gray coat that didn’t quite cover patches of skin ripped naked bearing scratches, scars, and seeping sores, the trophies of lost battles, the badges of survival.

Lowering herself to the ground, the feline groaned. “Who are you? Have you come to feast on my decay?”

“No,” Cassandra rushed to assure her. “We just need a safe place to rest.”

Arturo landed next to Cassandra. “We’re sorry for bothering you. We’ll find someplace else.”

Cassandra glared at him hoping to awaken his conscience. “What’s your name? Is there anything we can do for you?”

The cat’s eyes closed, and with fond memory’s tenderness, she whispered, “They used to call me Pristalwhisp.” She lay still, a low, rolling purr barely reaching Cassandra’s ears.

Arturo tapped softly on her shell, pointing at a pair of wiggling antennae poking up from behind a rock. As they watched, a lone ant crawled onto the prostrate cat’s paw, stopping at a fresh wound. It took a bite.

The paw flicked in pain, flipping the scavenger in a graceful arc onto a nearby stalk.

Opening her eyes, Pristalwhisp murmured, “Might you be so kind as to keep them away until… until it doesn’t matter?”

Cassandra’s heart broke, uncertain how she might help.

“I’ll do it,” Arturo’s sudden commitment shone in the spreading dark.

To be continued. . .

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