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Knightling Barry, pleased he could keep up with the column of more experienced Knights moving double time to overtake the vicious reds (“I mean, look at deeze legs!”), tried to ignore the ripples in his stomach. One moment they carried excitement, the next, dread.

In the dark, the faces nearest him looked serious or angry or eager, but none of them looked scared. Swallowing his nerves, Barry thought, If I make it ta mornin’, I’ll hafta work harder den anybody’s ever worked ta become a Knight!

The next thing he knew, the Knight in front of him stumbled to his knees, and Barry tripped over him, arms flailing for balance. Keeping his feet, he turned in one sweeping motion to grab the kneeling form and pull him up before those behind crashed into both of them.

“Thanks,” the young frog mumbled, “I should have paid more attention to my big feet. Walking isn’t my favorite way to get around.” The column had reformed around them; they now marched side by side.

“Hey, youse’re da Knight who came ta fetch da Lieutenant!” Barry exclaimed.

“That’s right,” his companion studied his face as they jounced along. “You’re his new Apprentice. What’s your name, Knightling?”

“Knightling Barry, Sir!”

“You don’t have to call me Sir. I’m Trevor. I just became a full fledged Knight myself. This is my first campaign, and I have to admit, I’m feeling a little trepidatious.”

“Trepi— what?”

“A bit nervous.”

“Dat’s a relief! I tought youse was gonna be sick. And here I was just tinkin’ I was da only one wit’ flappin’ fish tails.”

Trevor laughed. “I don’t have much more experience than you do, Barry.”

“Maybe we could kind of watch out for each udder. Youse know, stick tagedder if we can.”

“That’s a time-honored tradition among troops, Knightling.” Trevor held out his hand. It was huge. “Pact?”

“Pact.” They shook on it. “I just hope I got what it takes,” Barry whispered.

The column halted abruptly, but no orders came.

“Hey, Trevor,” came the sergeant’s voice from behind them, “go find out what’s going on. See if you can spot any of those rabid reds.”

“On it, Sarge!” Trevor replied. He grinned at Barry, “I’ll be right back,” and he vanished up a tree in front of them.

Shouts erupted at the front of the column. Battle sounds clashed. Something overhead flew toward Barry, yelling, “Charge!”

It was Trevor, and it was time…

To be continued. . .

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