Duggla the Crone

Glad you could join us for the next diverting episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

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The King arrived at the southern border with a squad of Knights at his back. More Knights stood guard in a line that stretched along the border as far as anyone’s eyes could see. They were armed, alert, and determined to protect their homeland against whatever it was that waited just beyond the trees.

A silky slipping sound in the undergrowth hissed through the air. Pikes and spears and slicing sticks readied to strike. Tongues flicked in anticipation.

Then silence.

A lumpy voice croaked from behind the log beside King Arnie. “The enemy baits you. I can help.” 

“Is that so, Old Woman?” His Greatness was torn between curiosity and irritation.

Duggla the Crone had served Arnie’s father as a valued advisor when Arnie was a tadpole, but her aging mind seemed to have wandered off and lost its bearings many years ago. Now she popped up at the most inopportune times, insensitive to the discomfort her presence caused, untouched by the scarcely contained laughter that surrounded her whenever she spoke.

As King, Arnie felt he had no choice but to acknowledge her.

“Come out, Madam Duggla. Tell me what you think.”

To be continued…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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