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On his way to begin his shift as the Prison Admissions Officer, Deputy Marco was the first to take up the King’s command. Ballooning his throat, he bellowed the call to arms.


The King nodded, Barry waved, and the Knight’s alarm rippled down the rise, rousing other Knights and able-throated subjects to add their voices to the river of sound rolling through the Kingdom, swelling to a sea of shivering tones breaking in waves warning everyone of the approaching threat.

Elliot rushed to Cassandra’s side, determined to keep her close.

She kissed his cheek and turned to the King. “What can we do to help, your Greatness?”

“As sincere and welcome as your offer is,” he answered, “it is my wish that you allow an escort of Knights to see you safely away from the Kingdom of Bog.”

“But, King Arnie–” Elliot began.

“It is not a request,” the King’s command stopped him. “We don’t yet know the full force and nature of the oncoming invasion. This might be my only chance to keep you safe.”

“May I go wit’ da escort, your Greatness?” Barry asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement, his heart full of purpose. “I’m pretty handy in a tight spot, as youse know,” he nodded to Elliot and Cassandra, “and I can get away in a hurry if I have ta. Just look at deeze legs!”

King Arnie the Former, Commander in Chief, Protector of the Kingdom of Bog, beamed with pride at the brash eagerness of this undersized youth. “Granted. And for your bravery, when you return, you shall enter training for the Knights of Service as Apprentice Knight,” he proclaimed.

“Tank youse, King Arnie!” Barry leaped to attention as a pair of Knights arrived.

“Good Knights,” his Greatness addressed them, “you and young Barry shall accompany our guests to safety beyond the northern border. Guard them well along the way. From there, seek out the Queen of Fen. Tell her the years of peace have ended, and once again we need their help.”

He faced his new snail friends last. “Go with my wish for your long life together, many children, and undying love.” To Elliot he whispered, “Always follow your heart, son. Be your Real Self.”

Bestowing a gentle kiss upon Cassandra’s forehead, the King grew wistful. “You have reminded me of the happiest days of my life. I feel as if we share an old and mysterious connection that will continue forever.”

He watched them depart, then turned to the remaining Knight. “Now tell me, Lieutenant, who are these Marauders?”

To be continued…

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    1. True. I suspect we might not even meet our real self unless we face a life and death decision, or a choice of similar magnitude. Maybe then we can benefit from having heard the advice to be our Real Self.

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