Cosmic Photo Challenge

Check out K’lee’s and Dale’s entries in the Cosmic Photo Challenge, and learn how to play along. With a theme like Man’s Best Friend (K’lee’s choice for this week), you’d expect a gallery of dogs at their most lovable and disarming, right? Maybe like this?

Version 2
Mina and Hugh, Sister and Brother, Man’s Best Friends

Or this?

This man’s best friend

Or this?

Nose lick kisses are acceptable ONLY from Man’s Best Friend.

But, no. I think this is the shot to honor Man’s Best Friend during the Halloween season:

Devil Dog Chomping on Happy Face

And then, of course, it is time to honor this Woman’s Best Friend. Not diamonds, as is commonly claimed, but:

Fresh brewed, steaming hot coffee, served this time in a Disneyland Diamond Anniversary mug.


Author: Sue Ranscht

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21 thoughts on “Cosmic Photo Challenge”

    1. I visited very soon after you first announced it, and was very happy to see your explanation of its name — I had the same thought about penguins the first time I saw them swimming when I was a kid and they still had a penguin exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. I thought I had followed you then, but I guess I hadn’t. I’ve fixed that. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, K’lee. The mug handle’s kinda tricky, being so far away from the mug, but I like my souvenirs to be useful or make trippy light shows. This time it was useful. 🙂


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