#TheLoveStoned Project

Around the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the best friend of my high school years painted some rocks and gave them to me as tokens of our friendship. I still have them.

Painted stones from 1970. See? A time-honored idea.

Lost Angiest (A. Granheim), over on Medium, has shared the first three days of her #LoveStonedArt Project here, here, and here. She hopes to build a human chain of love and peace and the knowledge that each of us matters.

This is our life. This is our planet. This is our responsibility.
Share love.
~ A. Granheim/Love Stoned Project/Los Angeles

You can be a human in the chain. Find an unpainted stone. Pick it up. Paint it. Leave it somewhere for someone to find it.

And if you find a painted stone, post a picture of it on Instagram and tag @love_stonedla.

Author: Sue Ranscht

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18 thoughts on “#TheLoveStoned Project”

    1. Thanks for searching. Very interesting to see the shapes of cut tree trunks mirrored in plateaus and formerly submerged mountain shapes. I have to wonder at the Romanian lack of understanding of basalt as a volcanic extrusion. Do you suppose the filmmaker thought the “volcanic eruptions” mentioned in the Wikipedia article had burned down those super giant trees?

      That Secret Stone at the end was gorgeous. I don’t think my own will be anywhere near as complex. How about yours? ( I hope you will take part in the #TheLoveStoned Project.


      1. There are a few others films I’ve seen, and I wonder at the destruction that brought an end to that age. If it follows that there “were giant in the earth” at that time, then the question of who felled trees that big is answered. Seems there are so many plateaus as to make one wonder how they were felled. There is much we do not understand about the long cycles of time of this planet. Most science is assumption, and a very large part based on 19th century observations … I’ll dig out my paints and brushes for certain. Look relaxing and expressive to me!

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        1. You’re right — the idea of giant people who cut down trees of such a size makes me wonder why archeologists haven’t yet discovered any remnants of their massive tools, either. Or dwellings.

          I hope you’ll post photos of the stones you paint and leave for someone to find.

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          1. Interestingly there have been bones found of Giants, and they are quietly removed to the basements of museums. Books like Forbidden Archeology discuss the many cases. Similar to research in Egypt that upsets all the established dogma about the dynasties, rulers, and structures. I will certainly post my creations and be sure to leave them around to be found.

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          2. I’m sure the universe must be full of things we have never seen and couldn’t currently understand even if we did see them. How big would those giants have to have been to preserve the scale between lumber jacks and trees that we see in the video with regular sized people and huge trees? Several hundred feet tall? Would gravity have to have been different in order to support circulation for the trees? For the people? Our library system has Forbidden Archeology, so as soon as the copy I’ve placed on hold arrives at my neighborhood’s branch, I’ll check it out and see what they have to say about the controversies they studied. Thanks for the reference. Are you a fan of Ancient Aliens?

            I look forward to seeing your creations!


          3. It certainly is. I think you mentioned the yugas Ina reply. It is my understanding that height corresponds to them. I recall someone describing the heights and I think the largest is 35 to 60 feet! I have watched a lot of ancient aliens, although I think they sensationalize a lot of it, and I personally don’t think it was aliens as much as civilizations that existed before our recorded period. Atlantis rising magazine covers a lot of this… The book explains thing like in Egypt if any of the ruins prove to be over 6000 years old it goes against their holy books, and that will not happen!

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    1. Fantastic, Diana! I actually found a painted rock in a wilderness area years ago. I carried it with me for a while, and eventually left it in another unlikely place surrounded by unpainted rocks. I hope they weren’t jealous. Perhaps they saw it as a god. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Haylee! (Iceland would have been an interesting place to leave one or two. Too bad we didn’t know about this earlier. Did you see the Northern Lights from the plane, too?)


    1. When my son was 6, our 83-year-old landlady gave him a pet rock someone had given her. What I learned was that the best part was the instruction book. I suspect even that rock would have become more lovable if we’d painted it. lol


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