Gotta Go!

Glad you could join us for the next grueling episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

Elliot G
Photo credit Grayson Hartman

Deep in the underbrush, Elliot finally stopped to rest. Sweat dripped from his eye stalks down the back of his neck, trickling under the front edge of his shell. “Great,” he muttered, “now I’ll get an itchy salt rash, and I won’t even be able to scratch it.”

An exotically accented, soft female voice emerged from the undergrowth ahead. “It is soundink to me as if you are needink a friend — a vife, perhaps.”

Curious, Elliot stretched his neck toward the sweet sound. “Who’s there?” he asked hopefully.

But when the leaves parted, Elliot’s eyes bulged in terror.

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