Pony Express in Retreat

Pony Express Rider (Painting by Stanley Wood)

Thank you, America.

Yay! They listened.

The resounding throngs

Author: Sue Ranscht

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9 thoughts on “Pony Express in Retreat”

  1. I hope so. After he put a halt to it, they’re still being dismantled. When I reordered my dad’s perscripts, the mail-order company said it’s going to take longer for them to arrive. But our voices did make a difference. 🙂

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        1. Somewhere along the way, we devalued civil discourse and deleted civics classes. Tolerance became subservient to the self-righteousness of the fearful. And then came the Fear-Stoker in Chief.

          Yes, the super majority is the unstoppable majority.

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      1. On the other hand, Vote.org has the details about voting by mail for every state, plus a simple interface for filling in most (not all) of the info required to apply for an absentee ballot.  Then the voter can download the form as a PDF file, add a little info and a signature, and mail hard copy to the appropriate board of elections.  For NYS at least, they did a good job.  The efforts of groups like Vote.org are a partial workaround for the combination of pandemic and USPS sabotage.  Whether they are enough to prevent Rethuglicans from stealing the election remains to be seen.

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        1. This year, all CA voters have been contacted to confirm their registration information, and we have same-day registration. We will also each receive mail-in ballots with the option to request ballot tracking from when it is mailed, received, and counted. Unless there is a deliberate Republican effort to defraud the system, I think it will be just as difficult to prove voter fraud — for lack of any — as it as always been.

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