Genius Idea!

Hightailin’ It, Pony Express 1860 (Painting by Bruce Cheever, 2019, courtesy Eitlejorg Museum)

It will be there in 3 days.

Agent of the USPS a couple weeks ago

But my little package took 6 days to get from San Diego, California, to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

At first, I was puzzled by the delay — not to mention disappointed. But then somebody said the new Postmaster General wanted to celebrate election year by reinstating the Pony Express. My immediate reaction was:

Cool! Who is this new Postmaster General?

Me, thinking about horses carrying the mail

But then I watched the news. Turns out, it wasn’t the Postmaster General’s idea, it was President Trump’s idea. And it isn’t to celebrate election year. It doesn’t even involve the Pony Express. It’s about slowing down delivery of mail-in ballots, which will be the safest way Americans of every party will be able to vote during this out-of-control pandemic.

Here’s what is likely to happen: Many voters who request mail-in ballots won’t receive them by Election Day, and completed ballots might not arrive in time to be counted.

Wouldn’t that be bad for every party?

You, looking confused

You’d think so, but many Republicans believe that making it easy to vote favors Democrats. It’s kind of a sneaky way to suppress the vote.

Wait a minute. Isn’t voting a guaranteed right?

You, outraged

Not exactly. But this is America, right? Doesn’t it seem like Majority Rule should allow every citizen a vote? Living in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, we should have the courage to insist on free and fair elections.

Shouldn’t we?


The resounding throngs

On the other hand, I was pretty excited about the idea of a horse carrying the mail across the country.

#VoteBlue2020 #TheLincolnProject

Author: Sue Ranscht

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3 thoughts on “Genius Idea!”

  1. Glad to see U posting again.  Not so glad that it’s about the latest brazen way to rig elections for the Rethuglicans.  But that’s what’s happening.

    Oh well, the idea of a horse carrying the mail across the country is indeed exciting.  Hell, we’d be better off if a horse was running the country.

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