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Elliot 265
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Trevor lay face-up in the mud, peering through the deluge splattering in his eyes at the scaly, barbed creature holding him down.

Bending his knees, muck squelching at his heels, the Knight jabbed the stinger into the belly hanging over his face while he thrust his hips up, flipping the attacker over his head. As he sprang to his feet, another electrifying bolt gleamed off each scale of the spiky creature scrambling to right himself. If they’d had fur, it would have been standing on end. Blood dripped from the fang’s gash.

For a heartbeat, their eyes locked. “What happens to me matters not,” the Knight’s foe declared. “We are many and we are here.” He lunged at Trevor and grabbed his arm, twisting till it popped, as he spun to slice across it with the barb at his elbow, tearing at muscle.

The stinger fell from Trevor’s useless hand, but he rammed the marauder fang deep into his enemy’s chest, dropping him to the ground.

He paused only long enough to retrieve the stinger and yank the bloody fang from the corpse’s heart. Cradling his dangling arm across his chest, Knight Trevor raced to the Bower.


“Push! Push now!” Miranda cried.


“Good,” the midwife smiled. “Again!”


“One more!”


“It’s a girl!” Miranda exclaimed swaddling the delicate creature in a silken wrap and lay her next to the Prince.

Clark peeked over Elliot’s neck. “I want to see, too!”

“You’re perfect…” Elliot whispered, “…and beautiful — just like your mother.” He kissed his daughter’s head. “Thank you, Miranda… thank you. I think she should… be with Cassandra.”

The midwife picked up the infant.

“Wait—“ Cassandra gasped as her body cramped in agony. “No! Something’s wrong — it hurts! I can’t—” Her scream strangled her words as Miranda stepped between husband and wife.

To be continued. . .

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