No Escape

Glad you could join us for the next inescapable episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

Elliot 261
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Arturo strained to talk as he flew. “A Hive Elite team found us… when they saw Lieutenant Terrance’s body… I had them carry the Prince and Princess… back to the Bower, and deliver… the body to the Queen.”

“What about the Assassin’s?” Vernon asked. “It was your triumph. How do you wish to dispose of it?”

“For now… I’d like to have it near the Bower… so if Elliot survives… he can help decide… I would not have succeeded… without his sacrifice.”

A sardonic grin lit the Liaison’s face. “I’ll send a team to retrieve it. I’m sure we can find a volunteer or two.”

Knights Trevor and Barry met them outside the Bower. “Da Runners say da General’s sent henchmen out ta find de Assassin.”

“We’re one of the Alliance teams searching them,” Trevor added, “but we thought it would be wise to hide the body first, so we dragged it back and dumped it behind the Bower.”

“Unless youse’d like us ta put it someplace else,” Barry offered.

“See, Ambassador Arturo?” Vernon said. “Volunteers with initiative.”

Arturo started to laugh and clenched his sides. “Hold on.” He disappeared into the Bower and returned holding the Assassin’s stinger out to Barry. “I know Trevor already has one. This is the Prince’s, but I’m sure he’d want a worthy warrior to use it.”

Barry’s eyes sparkled. “Tanks, yer Ambassadorship.” He sliced the air twice with his new weapon. “C’mon, Knight Trev, let’s go find doze guys.”

The new storm shed its first drops.


Andre outraced the storm to arrive at the Hiverarchy as the first drops fell. With everyone sheltering inside, he hoped he could escape his mother’s notice for a little while longer; he still hadn’t thought of a way to tell her why he’d lost his friends and failed to bring Samantha home, without sounding like a coward.

But the Queen had ordered the colony to watch for his return and report it to her. From just inside the entrance, a drone stepped out to meet him.

“The Queen says you’re to go immediately to the Inner Chamber.”

The first drops became a downpour. Drenched in rain and resignation, Andre wound his way through the crowded passages to face the inevitable.

To be continued. . .

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