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Elliot 255
Image credit: Somnath Paldas / S.T. Ranscht

Arturo stopped to investigate a dark stain on the path. From what Barry told me, this must be where the Assassin attacked King Arnie. The Frogs’ prints had been washed away, but Elliot’s trail overlaid a Stinger’s. I hope the Prince knows what he’s headed into.

A scream slashed the air. Arturo picked up his pace.


The Assassin limped closer. Elliot faced his rising tail, calculating his own odds of survival. If I die now, Cassandra and the baby will be next.


A poisonous blur streaked toward the Prince’s head. Elliot swung his tail forward so the crushing blow shattered through shell and skin, showering them all with brittle shards and blood, electrifying his brain, searing his nerves in a firestorm of pain. Elliot clung to consciousness against the flood of darkness that dimmed his sight and choked his breath. He threw himself into the forces flinging him back until he felt the Assassin’s stinger snap from its tail. He jerked back, flinging the barb out of his body. Far away, Cassandra screamed, “Elliot!” and a yellow flash exploded into the chamber.

Slamming into the Stinger to upend him, Arturo thrust his own weapon against the thrashing scorpion, glancing off his armored underbelly. The Assassin knocked him away with his clawless arm, righted himself, and reached for the wasp with his pincer.

The Princess scrambled to grab Anthony’s stinger from the floor, calling, “Arturo!” as she tossed it into the air. He leaped up. The Assassin caught him around the waist and pulled him to his mouth, squeezing hard.

Gasping, Arturo snatched the stinger out of the air. He jabbed it downward to stab it into the Stinger’s eye, ready when the Assassin’s head whipped back, to swipe the stinger under his jaw, plunging it again and again into his brain.

For a breathless, eternal moment, time stopped.

To be continued. . .

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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6 thoughts on “Sacrifice”

    1. Lol. Without knowing the intricacies of insect law, I think there’s a strong case to be made, first for Arturo defending Prince Elliot, First Minister of the Alliance and his wife, Princess Cassandra, and their unborn child, and second for Arturo’s self-defense following his first failed attempt to stop the Assassin. Even in the human world, Han shot first. Lol.

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