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Elliot 241
Photo credit: Dave Morrow

Breathing raggedly, Randall lay with his eyes closed, wrapped in waiting. King Arnie entered the Bower before Cyrus could announce him.

“Cassandra, my dear,” he whispered, “may I speak with your patient?”

A smile glimmering in her eyes, she kissed her father’s cheek. “Of course.”

Trevor stepped back, bowing, and the King took Randall’s hand.

“My friend,” he implored, “why are you here? I thought I left you safe at home with your son.”

Wincing, the injured frog opened his eyes a slit and managed half a grin. “I… I wanted him to be… proud of me… Sir.” A violent coughing fit shook his ravaged body, choking off his voice.

“It’s all right, Randall, you don’t have to talk.” The King looked around the room. “Does anyone know what happened?”

Barry’s anger blurted out, “It was de Assassin. I guess once he found Randall, he decided ta finish what he started in Da Arids. Randall never had a chance.” Glaring toward the door, his look slammed right into the King. “—yer Greatness,” he added, his eyes darting away from the royal face.

“We’ll find him, Randall,” King Arnie promised. “We’ll bring him to justice, and Teddy will know how brave his father was. Thank you, friend, for giving so much for your Kingdom. You are a true hero of Bog and the Alliance.”

Remembering another passing, Princess Cassandra asked, “Would you like to go outside? The stars are brilliant tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Teddy is looking at them right now.”

Randall nodded, and his friends carried him on the mat to a place outside the glow of the torches. As he watched the sky, they watched the starlight reflected in his eyes until his final sigh rose to the heavens leaving him peaceful and without pain.

To be continued. . .

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