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Elliot 227
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Winded by her emergency run to Bog, Chloe had a powerful thirst.

Approaching a young frog playing stick-battle with an aggressive young spider among stacks of folded webbing, she caught her breath to ask, “Sweetie, can you tell me where Prince Elliot is?”

The spider used the distraction to smack his stick against his opponent’s belly. “Ha!” he crowed. “That means I killed you! I’m the greatest Knight in the Kingdom!”

“Hey, calm down, Darwin, we’re not supposed to hurt each other.” Rubbing his stomach, Teddy turned to the Runner. “I don’t know, but my daddy does. Do you want me to go get him?”

“Ah would greatly appreciate it, Darlin’. And could you tell me where Ah might find somethin’ cold to drink?”

“I can!” Darwin piped. “Right over here. Come on.”

Teddy returned with Randall just as Chloe finished her water. Darwin was running in circles, swinging his stick over his head, hollering war whoops.

“You’re looking for the Prince?” Randall asked.

Chloe’s smile crept into her eyes. “That’s right, Hon.”

Elliot’s deputy, usually all business with Runners, dipped his head and returned a shy smile. “I’m Randall,” he murmured reaching out to shake her hand. “Do watch your step. This road still has some rough spots.”

“Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Randall,” she said taking his hand in two of hers. “Ah’m Chloe. Thank you for takin’ such good care of me. Do you grace everyone with such genteel treatment? You are a rare gentleman, indeed. That would explain why your son is such a sweetheart.”

No one else had ever seen Randall blush.

“Randall,” Elliot called without looking up as the frog and the glow worm entered the staging area, “this shipment is scheduled for sunset. Fen planned to send someone from the Aero Squadron to pick it up.”

“Excuse me, Prince Elliot,” Chloe said, sweeping her antennae to the ground in an elegant curtsey, “Ah’ve just come from Fen by way of King Arnie. Fen is indeed sendin’ transportation for the webs, but they also request you send an officer to handle distribution. Arids forces have invaded Fen unexpectedly and everyone’s on the move. There’s no one to spare.”

Elliot’s attention sharpened to a point. “Invaded Fen? Where? How long ago? Is the Hive secure? Is the Princess safe?”

“When Ah left this morning,” she said, “the front was along the Northern and Eastern borders, and central Fen was untouched. The Flyers should have more information when they arrive.”

“I’ll go,” the Prince announced thinking of the danger approaching his beloved Cassandra. “You’ve got things under control here, Randall.”

“Yes, sir, whatever you need,” he answered with a nod.

“Ah’m sorry, your Worthiness,” the Runner interjected, “but King Arnie requires your presence. Transportation is on its way.”

Biting his tongue against the first response that came to mind, Elliot acquiesced to his duty. “Of course. When do I leave?”

To be continued. . .

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