Change of Plan

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Elliot 220
Photo credit: Ian Parker

Sunset now at their backs, King Arnie the Former of the Kingdom of Bog and his forces had stood ready since sunrise to meet the enemy. Across the vast expanse of nothing, nothing had moved but the clouds.

“How long shall we wait, your Greatness?” Lieutenant Terrence asked as heat waves shimmered above the sand.

Squinting, the King rubbed his chin and exhaled slowly through his nose. “Send Runners down the line and to the Allied Freelands’ and Arids’ Commanders. We’re in the wrong place.”


Overtaken by the spreading shadows of twilight, Sam’s unit hovered above the Freelands’ ground forces at the Arids’ southern border. They assembled alongside The Arids’ Alliance Army for the reconnaissance reports.

The first scout returned with puzzling news. No enemy forces had been found between the southern border and the General’s base to the north. The Runner from Bog’s position reported no enemy to the west either.

“Where do you think they are?” Clifton asked Sam out of the corner of his mouth.

Sam shrugged.

“Huh,” a hushed voice behind them snarked. “I thought that’d be obvious to the twin star bees of the Freelands’ army.”

Sam took a quick look over her shoulder. The wasp behind her had been in a different training unit. “Oh, yeah? And who are you?”

“Not a bee,” she replied.

“Well, Notta B.,” Sam challenged, “Where do you think they are?”

“The name is Salomé Zión, and I think they’ve gone right for the prize,” she countered.

“The Hive,” Clifton breathed.

Breathless, a Runner from the west stumbled to a stop at their Commander’s feet. “King Arnie is moving east. He believes Fen is the sole target of the General’s army, and if all forces move now, we can trap them in the middle.”

“They have a day’s head start,” the Commander noted.

“Yes,” the Runner confirmed, “but it appears they took a circuitous route to deceive the Alliance. Reports indicate they are north of their own borders, heading south and east to enter Fen from the east. Bog’s army is moving double time.”

“Has anyone heard from Queen Lilian?” Torlex asked.

The Runner shook her head. “Not since last night.”

The Commander turned to his troops. “I need a Flyer to take a message to Fen.”

“I’ll go!” Clifton yelled.

Within moments, he was racing into the night.

To be continued. . .

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