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Queen Madalena bided her time till the next night that Andre was on guard duty at the entrance. When he saw her, he stiffened to attention.

“It’s all right, son,” she said offering him one of the nectars she’d brought along, “I couldn’t sleep. I thought if I wandered for a bit, maybe visited with whomever was on guard duty, I would wind down enough to get a few hours’ rest before sunrise.”

“Sure, Mother, thanks!”

Settling onto the Hiverarchy’s stoop, the Queen asked, “What do you know about this Alliance army your sister’s gotten involved in?”

“Not much, really,” he answered guzzling his drink, ”Bog and Fen sent soldiers to train them for this war they say is coming from some raggedy band of rebels.”

“What do they want?”

“The supposed rebels? Who knows? It doesn’t have anything to do with us. You know, Sam’s the only Freelands’ bee there.” He finished his nectar and jumped to his feet. “Do you want me to get us some more?”

Covering a budding yawn, she answered, “Thank you, that would be lovely — I think it’s working. if I can’t keep my eyes open till you get back, I’ll just trundle off to bed.”

As soon as he turned down the side passage, Queen Madalena flew into the night.

To be continued. . .

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Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

10 thoughts on “Gone”

    1. I think you’ve kept them sorted out. Madalena is Sam’s mom and Queen of the Hiverarchy of Free Bees in the Freelands. Queen Lilian the Magnificent, Undisputed Monarch of Fen, is Clifton’s aunt and an old friend of King Arnie and Cassandra’s mother. Maybe we need Family Tree artwork, lol.

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          1. Oh, no. I’m just seeing this. Thank you, Sue. I am grateful that you are in mine too. I pray that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you so much. *big hugs*

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