Training the Troops

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“I’m pleased you’ll stay with us, Recruit,” the Ambassador said when Sam and Clifton reported back at dusk. Smiling, he added, “Be sure to let Sergeant Stubbs know before you retire or he won’t be able to sleep.”


The sergeant rousted them out of bed long before dawn, shouting, “Eyes open! Up and out! Survivors get breakfast at sunrise.”

“But how are we supposed to fight if we haven’t eaten first?” asked a cottontail named Jared, one of the plumper trainees.

“I can see your mother has taken good care of you, young man,” Sgt. Stubbs replied over the guffaws of the recruit’s friends. “But guess what — I’m not your mother! Reality check, Recruits! The enemy doesn’t make appointments or wait to strike until you’re wide awake and well fed.”


Lieutenant Terrance arrived as first light sparkled on the recruits practicing their new hand-to-hand combat skills among the dew-sprinkled grasses.

“At ease, Recruits. Good work. Especially you, Jared,” the sergeant called. Jared blushed while his friends slapped him on the back. Clifton got up off the ground where Sam had just flipped him out of the sky with a passing lateral roll grab. Everybody gathered in front of the sergeant.

“Lieutenant,” the sergeant announced as soon as the troops assembled. “I’d like to promote Sam to Training Assistant.”

The lieutenant nodded and cheers exploded from the recruits.

Sam was ready. “Thank you, sir! What’s my first assignment, Sergeant?”

“I’ve cleared an area on the north side of the Meadow for you to take a pair at a time and teach them the Slice. When you’re satisfied they’ve got it, send them back here to tag the next team. At lunch, you’ll give me your assessment and we’ll discuss future exercises.”

“Sarge,” Sam said, “it would help me to have a co-trainer. Somebody who already knows the move.”

“Go ahead, Killer. Anyone you choose.”

“Recruit Clifton, come with me please,” she said, biting her lips to keep from smiling.

To be continued. . .

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  1. Yes! I’ve never been this excited to read about a potential war in my life. I’m over here ready for Sam, Clifton, and their crew to defend all honors. Haha.

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