Seeking Hearts and Minds

Glad you could join us for the next motivating episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

Elliot 187
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“How did Lady Lucy die?” Clifton demanded.

“She was undercover, gathering information from The Arids, and the General found her out,” the runner answered.

His vindication washed with tears, Clifton was adamant. “I knew Lady Lucy was loyal to the Queen! I need to tell Barry.”

The Freelands Ambassador stopped him. “There will be time for that soon. Today the Knights begin training the Alliance army, and you have a mission of your own,” Arturo reminded him.

Runner Galadeen broke in. “Queen Lilian also says she’s sending members of the Aero Squadrons to assist Lieutenant Terrence. They’ll be here before midday. If you have any message you’d like me to take to King Arnie, I’m on my way to Bog.”

“Yes, I do,” Arturo answered, “and I’d like to offer you breakfast before you go. I believe Prince Elliot is traveling to Bog today, too. Perhaps you could escort him.”

Drago bowed his head. “I’ll gladly accept a little to eat, but I know you’re new at this, Ambassador, so I hope it won’t offend you that I have to refuse to take the Prince. For speed and our own safety, runners travel alone. But you’re right to have someone accompany him. Perhaps there’s a Knight or two the Lieutenant can send.”

“Of course,” Arturo nodded, “that makes sense. If you’ll come with me to the Meadow, I’ll get the information for King Arnie, and we can see about that meal. Clifton, I’ll be waiting to hear from you this evening. Good luck.”

Without a clear idea of what he should say to the bees he hoped to persuade, Clifton stood in thought. The longer he stood there alone, the deeper he felt the loss of his friend Lucy.

He had to make sure she didn’t die for nothing. He took off for any flower field but Kýrios the Most Revered’s.

Hovering just beyond a lacy yellow cluster of blossoms, Clifton addressed the worker who was already hard at work on the flower, “Do you mind if I join you? I’ve just lost a dear friend, and I’d like to tell you about her.”


Prince Elliot requested Knight Barry as his escort on the road to Bog, and Lieutenant Terrance told Barry to choose a second Knight as well. Of course he chose Trevor.

“Actually, I’m sorry da old… I’m sorry Lady Lucy’s dead,” Knight Barry commented with a sidelong look at Elliot when the Prince told them what he’d learned. “I shoulda listened ta Clifton. I just wish she’da told us she was undercover.”

Knight Trevor laughed. “What’s wrong with you? That’s the first rule when you’re undercover — you can’t tell anybody.” 

“Are youse sayin’ youse could be undercover right now an’ we just don’t know?”

“That’s not what I’m saying because I’m not, but if I were, I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Youse mean if youse were, an’ I asked if youse were, youse’d tell me youse weren’t?”

“I’d have to, wouldn’t I? Or maybe I’d tell you I was, and figure you just wouldn’t believe me because you’re blinded by friendship.”

“Okay, tell me how I’m supposed ta trust youse after dis. Or anybody else fer dat matter.”

Shaking his head, Elliot interrupted. “I think you need to trust your gut. You did that when you followed Lady Lucy. You just didn’t have enough information to understand what you saw her do.”

“So’s I guess I should be suspicious, but not jump ta conclusions, right?”

Eyes twinkling, Trevor answered, “Now you’re getting smarter!”

Barry shrugged. “Yeah, but I still got no answers.”

To be continued. . .

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    1. Thank you, Curtis. Your timing is impeccable. The episode scheduled for Saturday needed a major re-write, but competed for time with a theater costume deadline. By Sunday evening, the costumes were ready, but only half the episode was complete. Monday we celebrated my son’s birthday at Disneyland, so Saturday’s episode is on it’s way to publication tonight. Starting Wednesday, Elliot will be back on schedule with Monday through Saturday episodes.

      Sometimes Life defies my control. Imagine that. 😉

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