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Elliot 153
Photo credit: Paul Curtis

Clifton wished he were flying. “They’re right,” he reminded himself, “my buzzing would attract attention in the middle of the night, but this walking — crawling — through the woods in the dark… it’s nerve-wracking!”

Tripping yet again over yet another a random leaf or twig or pebble he couldn’t see in the shadowy mottle they called a trail, he fell sideways over a lichen-covered rock.

A harsh whisper emerged from its surface. “Oy! Watch i’ theah, mate!”

A moment of absolute stillness filled the air before the King’s Knights leaped to surround the voice.

Facing the sudden circle of predators, the agitated worm, slightly aglow, eyed them one at a time as she spoke. “Oi wou’n’t do anythin’ haisty if I wer’ you.”

Barry jumped to sit next to the stranger. “Like what? Eat youse?”

“Well, yeah. Fer all ya know, Oi’m deadly poisonous. One boi’ an’ ya could be doubled ovah wi’ yer insides liquifyin’ an’ foam frothin’ from yer oi’balls.”

Helping Clifton up, Elliot sighed. “What a lovely image. If any of them had wanted to eat you, I assure you, my friend, you’d already be gone. What’s your name?”

“Olivia. Wha’s yers?”

Standing erect, Clifton announced, “This is Prince Elliot the Faithful of the Kingdom of Bog, First—“

“Thank you, Clifton,” Elliot interrupted, “there’s no need to burden her further. We apologize for disturbing you, Miss Olivia.”

“I’s ohl righ’. No worries, mate. Oi’m jus’ glad yer no’ one o’ them Stingahs. Or tha’ Assassin Oi’ve ’eard abou’. ”

“What have youse heard?”

“Only tha’ they come outta nowheah an’ stroik b’fah ya know i’. No one’s saif, an’ we been maikin’ so much noise, Oi wou’n’t be s’prised if theah comin’ fer us righ’ now. So if ya don’ mind, Oi’ll jus’ be leavin’.”

She disappeared into a crack in the rock as a soft flapping sound descended from the treetops.

To be continued. . .

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