A Son’s Pride

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The whispers began in the woods beyond Connie’s garden and grew to exultant shouts by the time they reached her windows.

“The King is coming! The King is coming!”

The vicious serpents were gone — carried off by Fen’s renown Aero Squadrons during the battles that had raged since yesterday, or lying slaughtered among the fallen heroes of Bog’s Knights of Service, or slain as they advanced into the Kingdom and met with the King and the divisions he brought with him.

The surviving soldiers hastened to clear a wide path for the arrival of their King and brother Knights.

“Children,” Connie called, “if you promise to stay out of the soldiers’ way, you may go outside to greet King Arnie. Be on your best behavior!”

The rest of her progeny tumbled over each other to be first out the door, but her eldest son hesitated. “Are you coming, Mother?”

“No, Arnold. Bitsy and I will watch from here.”

Hearing the rumors and commotion of the King’s approach, the residents of northern Bog thronged to celebrate the victory. From their perch above the crowd, Connie’s children cheered and waved as King Arnie the Former and his valiant Knights of Service came into view.

Arnold looked up at the window where his mother stood holding his baby sister. With sudden conviction, he shouted, “King Arnie! King Arnie! Over here! I have to tell you something!”

King Arnie paused at the youthful cry. Scanning his people’s faces, he found Connie’s ardent son stretching so far out from his seat it seemed the eager lad might fall into the horde below. His Greatness halted the parade in front of the young man.

“Hold on there, friend,” he laughed, “don’t risk your life for me until you become a Knight. What’s your name?”

“Arnold, your Greatness. I was named after you.” His cheeks flushed with excitement.

“Well, my young namesake, what is your urgent news?”

Now that he’d captured the King’s attention, Arnold’s nerves tightened his throat and he wasn’t sure he could continue. He glanced once more at his mother, and boldness returned.

“Your Greatness, I live right there,” he said, pointing at his home, “and my sisters and brothers and I saw everything that happened. The Knights of Service and the Aero Squadrons of Fen fought bravely to save the Kingdom, but there was another hero no one noticed who almost died saving my baby sister’s life.”

“Who is this ferocious warrior? Let him come forth and be recognized!” King Arnie commanded.

“Mother!” Arnold called up to the window. “Mother, come down. The King wants to meet you!”

To be continued. . .

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