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Winding his way through bracken and brush, Sirehta returned to the battlefield, seeking out the Rebel commander who’d sent him to scout the south.

“Sir, the Evil Ones lie many leagues distant. Their number is small compared to ours. Their own recruits, the Foaming Reds, attacked them before their howling allies could save them. I believe the threat is low.”

“Do you? I’ll bear that in mind, soldier,” the commander sneered. “Leagues, you say? Well, I say your pace is impressive. Use it on your way to the front — your breakfast ration is up to you. Dismissed.”

Swallowing his contempt, Sirehta bowed his head as he backed away and turned toward the fighting.

Dodging beaks and talons, he moved swiftly from one of his displaced countrymen to the next, whispering, “Tell our brothers: Our captors have lied to us, but all is not lost. Freedom awaits if you’ll follow me.”

Word spread quickly, and Sirehta’s kinsmen fought their way eastward across the field, sliding one by one into the cover of the undergrowth.

Removed from the fray, Sirehta addressed his brethren. “Since when has it been our way to take what we have not worked for? Since when have our people chosen to destroy the helpless? Those we fight are not the Evil Ones. Those who force us to fight are the true enemy.

“I have spoken with the King of this land. He respects our birthright of freedom and has offered us a home. Even if we choose to go elsewhere, we owe his kingdom recompense for the harm we have caused. Join me. Regain your honor—“

“Deserters!” screamed the sergeant bursting through the brush. “Place them under arrest! And you,” he accused Sirehta, “the commander knew you were plotting something, you treasonous coward! He has a special punishment in mind for you.”

A monstrous shape dropped into their midst, screeching and clawing.

To be continued. . .

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