She Didn’t Go Alone

Glad you could join us for the next cautionary episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

“…condemning them both.” ~~~ Photo credit: Keith Balmer

Vernon continued, “Before another word escaped Benito’s mouth, the Queen shot from the Hive and stabbed him in his treacherous heart, condemning them both.”

“I hope someday I’ll be such a fierce and devoted mother.” Cassandra’s eyes glowed with determination.

Elliot’s eyestalks shivered and bent her way. “I am certain our children will never wish for a better mother,” he said, “but I shall be very careful never to threaten them without your approval.”

A slow smile spread to Cassandra’s cheeks.

Elliot turned to Vernon. “What happened next?”

Vernon smiled. “Princess Lilian’s coronation took place immediately. She consoled those who had lost loved ones in the battle even as they tried to console their new Queen. To honor the memory of the Suns of Glory, she founded the Hive Elite, Fen’s Royal Aero Squadron. Her own beloved had perished in the battle, but she did her bittersweet duty, rebuilding the Hive’s colony.

“One day, Persephone returned, alone and in despair. Queen Lilian’s news of her mother’s sacrifice and the fate of the Suns crushed what remained of her friend’s broken heart. They shared one last precious day together, and Persephone left the Kingdom forever.”

A flicker of motion in the doorway called their attention to Queen Lilian’s presence.

“It’s a sorrowful tale,” she said, her voice just above a whisper, “and few know what became of my friend, the Lady Persephone, after she left Fen.”

When she said nothing more, Elliot spoke. “A friend of King Arnie’s from the Suns of Glory told him Persephone had gone alone to the Deep Woods.”

Queen Lilian’s eyes held such tender sorrow as she looked at Cassandra, the young snail’s heart beat harder fearing what she might say.

“Yes, Persephone had given me permission to tell him that much. But she didn’t go alone.”

To be continued. . .

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