Two Sides to Every Story

Glad you could join us for the next honorable episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

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Photo credit: Matt Cole

“Bog is indebted to you, brave Master Barry.” said the King. “As of this moment, I name you Apprentice Knight with all the responsibilities and privileges attached to being a Knightling among the Knights of Service.” King Arnie clasped Barry’s hand and saluted him. “Lieutenant Terrance will take personal charge of your training. Who knows? Someday you might end up with his job!”

“Tank youse, your Greatness! I won’t let youse down.” Barry saluted the lieutenant. “What’s my first assignment, sir?”

Lieutenant Terrance suppressed his urge to smile. “Knightling Barry, is it?” The young frog nodded. “Your news reignites our need for reinforcements.” He turned to the King, “I hesitate to recommend recalling the Crone, Sir, but she appears to have resources.”

King Arnie’s sigh fluttered the leaves on the floor. “Yes, she does. Have someone fetch her back here. If young Barry’s message got through to the Queen, those who died this morning won’t have died in vain.”


On a flat rock at the base of the orange-leafed Tree, Cassandra and Elliot waited for someone to come. The shadows stretched out of the west.

“Welcome and good evening,” crooned the handsome wasp landing on the greenery beside Speaker’s Rock. “May I offer you some refreshment? The Kingdom of Fen produces the most delectable Honeyed Nectar found in all the surrounding lands.”

Cassandra’s eyestalks stiffened at the sight of the wasp. Elliot stifled a gasp, and accepted the offering on behalf Cassandra as well. “Certainly. Thank you.” Their first sips became appreciative gulps while the greeter stood by, smiling.

After a few moments, the wasp spoke, “My name is Vernon. I’m Queen Lilian’s Liaison. Who might you be?”

Elliot fumbled to wipe the last drips from his lips. “I’m Elliot and this is Cassandra.”

“May I inquire as to the purpose of your visit?”

“We need to speak with Queen Lilian. King Arnie of Bog sent us with a message.” Elliot tilted his head toward Cassandra.

“I see. Might I pass King Arnie’s message to the Queen?”

“You might,” Cassandra acknowledged, “but our charge comes directly from the King of Bog, and I’m afraid we don’t have the authority to reveal it to anyone other than the Queen of Fen. I’m sure you understand.”

Vernon the Liaison cocked his head and considered them silently. “I do understand, and I respect your sense of duty and your loyalty to your monarch. Let me see what I can arrange.” His wings flicked once and he shot straight up to the Hive overhead.

Photo credit: Louis Scotti

To be continued…

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