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“They’ll be all right, won’t they?” Cassandra meandered alongside Elliot, facing the sun as it hung above the distant mountains.

“I hope so,” he said, caressing her neck as they paused to share yet another sweet, unhurried kiss. “The Knights certainly have the training and determination to keep Bog safe. And everyone we met seemed devoted to King Arnie.” Being alone with his love, beginning their journey into a life together, he found he wasn’t nearly so eager to stay and fight someone else’s war.

“Cassandra, my treasure, I’ve been thinking about our search for adventure.”

“Yes, my only love?”

“His Greatness showed me a wide expanse of wilderness to the east, and said it was my future.”

“Do you think he was right?”

“Well, it won’t be if we don’t go there, but if you’re willing, I’d like to find out.”

“Then let’s put the sun behind us and go east.”

“My Lady Cassandra, I love you.”

She wiggled her eyes and grinned. “I know.”


“I wish I could help you. I honestly do.” Connie shook her little black head at Barry as she rose on tiptoe, ready to take flight. “But I’m in a hurry — the children are home alone.”

“Wait — what if I don’t ask youse ta go all da way ta da Queen of Fen, but just ta find my two friends and pass da message on ta dem? Dey couldn’t be far from here; I just left ’em a few minutes ago.”

“Then why don’t you find them yourself?” As a mother, she valued other people’s self-sufficiency, and requests for unnecessary help just made her impatient.

Barry pressed his lips together. He tried again to convey the urgency of the situation.

“I can’t go. Da land between here and da river is squirming wit’ enemies. Youse could fly over ’em and back wit’ no danger ta yourself. I hafta go warn his Greatness. But if someone doesn’t go ta da Queen of Fen and ask for help, da Kingdom of Bog’ll be lost. Youse are a citizen of Bog, right? Your family — wit’ all your children — lives here?”

Connie sat down beside him, the touch of her tiny hand barely noticeable on his arm. “You’re right. Each of us owes the King our loyalty and help. Tell me what direction your friends went, and I’ll do my best to find them and share your message. But then I really must get home before the little buggers set the place on fire.”

“Tank youse! Tank youse so much.” Barry breathed a sigh of relief. “Last I saw, Elliot and Cassandra were headed west.”

To be continued…

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