Surprising Attack

Glad you could join us for the next surprising episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

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The river closing over him, Barry grabbed at the rope-like loop cinched around his leg, tightening as it dragged him backward through the murk. He plucked and pulled, trying to loosen its grip while it scraped him across the rocky bottom, racing back toward Bog.

Barry dug his fingers deep into the sinewy squeezing muscle. In the instant it winced, the frog kicked with both legs and shot free to the surface.

Scrambling to shore, he blanched in horror.

Two writhing serpents were devouring the Knights he had accompanied to the river. Hundreds more slithered ashore as he watched.

Da enemy’s got us surrounded — I gotta tell da King!


A rush of rustling sounded in the brush before the line of Knights guarding the Southern border.

King Arnie ripped his attention from the mad Madam Duggla to face the danger before them.

“Brave Knights of Service! Now is the time to strike! For your families! For your land! For your King!”

Weapons raised and ready, the front line charged toward the riot of confusion that erupted in front of them.

Snakes poured from the undergrowth, not in attack, but in utter panic, the whites of their eyes shining in fear and hysteria. At the sight of the Knights blocking their escape, they rose in terror and desperation, lunging with open mouths, latching on to arms and legs and heads, impervious to the warriors’ stabbing, slicing defenses.

Many Knights fell.

“Charge!” King Arnie the Former called to the squadron of Knights behind him.

But the first of the enemy to cross into the Kingdom were the last. There was no one left to fight.

Duggla the Crone sidled up to the King, a toothless grin splitting her face. “You see?” she crowed. “They came.”

To be continued…

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