Wisdom of the Ages

Glad you could join us for the next inspirational episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

Elliot 34a
Image credit: S.T. Ranscht

“My future?” Before his eyes, the kindling dawn flared into a tangerine sky. Elliot’s breath caught in his chest. His thoughts caught in his mouth. His imagination soared beyond his tail’s slicing burn to fill his mind with light and hidden possibilities.

 “Yes, Elliot, your future,” King Arnie repeated. “I’ve been around a long time, son — may I call you ‘son’?” he inquired, waiting politely for a reply.

Elliot had recently developed a healthy skepticism regarding the motivations of strangers, but now he began to realize he should temper his caution by listening when the little voice named Instinct spoke.

Right now, Instinct told him King Arnie only wanted to help and wouldn’t try to burn him or take his home or poison him or eat him or steal his soul.

“Yes, ” Elliot replied. “Yes you may.”

“Thank you. As I was saying, I’ve been around a long time, son, and I’ve learned a thing or two about reading people.” He paused to glance sideways at Elliot, and then returned to gazing at the brightening sky. “Look at that. A glorious beginning becomes a dependable day. Sometimes it’s clear and warm. Sometimes there are clouds. And sometimes it’s hella stormy.”

Elliot nodded as understanding dawned.

“And it always turns dark before the glory comes again. But,” King Arnie continued, “it never goes from glory to dark in an instant. It doesn’t stop itself to wonder if it’s beautiful enough or steady enough or even stormy enough. Noon never tries to be sunrise, but it grows right out of whatever magnificence Dawn had to offer, and becomes the best Noon it can be.”

The memory of Cassandra’s vibrantly enthusiastic love glowed in Elliot’s heart, inspiring him to be the best he could be. He would always be enough.

“May I ask you something, your Greatness?”

“Certainly, son. Ask away.”

“Why do they call you King Arnie the “Former”?”

His Greatness smiled as a burble rumbled up from his belly and rolled out as a frumbling laugh. “I haven’t always been a king…”

To be continued…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

10 thoughts on “Wisdom of the Ages”

    1. Thank you, Laura — you have an astute eye. the image is a photo I ran through the Brushstroke app.

      I’m happy you like frumbling — you can hear that laugh, can’t you? 😀


  1. You stun me with your way with words Sue. OMG: the essence of all that is written in the Vedas and the Bhagwat Geeta drips from this one para: “And it always turns dark before the glory comes again. …”
    I will be sharing today’s episode on fb. This wisdom needs to be shared. ” Noon never tries to be sunrise.” Thank you dear soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, my friend. Your praise humbles me. I think wisdom waits patiently, presenting itself again and again in everyday cycles we take for granted until we are individually ready to see it. Sometimes we just need someone else to point it out. 🙂


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