Storm Coming

Glad you could join us for the next electrifying episode of Elliot’s Adventures. If you’re new here, you can catch up by returning to the beginning, and reading really fast…

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Yvonne swiveled her head over her shoulder to face a rising breeze as thickening gray blotted out the lunar glow. She sniffed the air and turned back to her rapt audience.

“It was on a night like this,” she murmured in a sing-song tone,  more to herself than to them. “The wind-gathered clouds glowered in the moonlight till they devoured the lonely moon, and the only light came from lightning on the horizon.”

She blinked once at Elliot and Cassandra. “A storm is coming. You’ll have to stay the night.”

A slender fork of lightning skittered down the sky to hide in the distant trees. Yvonne smiled with the thunder. “I need to go out again, but I’ll be back before dawn. Let’s get you settled first.”

Dredging her mothering skills up from the sewage of her former life, Yvonne showed them to a sheltered nook where she tucked them in under a dried leaf.

“Sleep well and deeply,” she said. Her eyes glowed orange like angry embers fighting to start a flame.

She preened until they slept, then she flapped off toward the storm.


Elliot awoke to the patter of rain on the leaf above them. Sticking his eyes out from under its edge, he scanned the nest. Their feathery friend was gone.

Braving the splatter, he climbed up the woven twigs, searching the sky and the barren treetops for her. There were no stars to be seen.

Out of the darkness, a shadowy form glided toward him. A flaming yellow fist of light hung beneath it, speeding toward him like a shooting star till it dropped to the ground not far from the foot of Yvonne’s tree.

The yellow crackled and blazed orange and red, spreading across the ground even as it spiraled up in a fiery tongue licking its way toward Elliot.

To be continued…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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      Oh, wait a minute. This isn’t Hogwarts, is it?


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