3-Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

With one last thanks to Ioana, composer, songwriter, and music & piano teacher who writes Music Teacher Lifestyle, I offer my third and final “Musical Quote”. And after that, I hope you’ll give your ears a different adventure by letting them listen to Ioana’s Listening Days.

Sometimes certain lyrics get stuck in your head. The first time I heard this, these words were those lyrics. I’ve linked the official video in the title. Warning: Unless your blood has turned your heart into iron ore, be ready to shed a few tears.

I like to think this is what Gerard Way thought when he broke up the band and crushed my emo soul.

And now, but not currently, and never again, My Chemical Romance, from Black Parade, Cancer:

“And if you say

Goodbye today

I’d ask you to be true,

‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.”






Author: Sue Ranscht

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3 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge – Day 3”

  1. This was particularly deep for such a short post. I listened and then looked up the lyrics of the song. Then read how the band broke up. All of this connected to your initial invitation to admire a lyric that strikes a chord for you. (Cheesy pun, I know.) But all from one little link, I get to experience the rise and fall and extinguishing of a star in the musical firmament. It was a full-fledged heartache experience. Thank you.

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