3-Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Gracious Ioana, composer, songwriter, and music & piano teacher who writes Music Teacher Lifestyle, challenged me to the 3-Day Quote Challenge. How could I say no? To honor her, my theme is “Musical Quotes”.
My favorite classical composer is Ludwig van Beethoven. Energy charges through his creations like
wild horses stampeding across the plains, or
stormy waves breaking over a ship’s bow, or
new love ravaging a tender heart.
His brilliance will not be denied, and people all over the world listen and interpret for themselves.
Mark Nystrom-symphony_no_9 linear_0
Mark Nystrom’s painted interpretation of Beethoven’s 9th. Honest.

But by the time Beethoven’s final symphony, Symphony No. 9, Ode to Joy, premiered in May of 1824 (almost three years before he died at the age of 56), he was almost totally deaf. He never heard the performance he directed or the roaring ovation someone had to turn him around to see at its end.
Here’s the quote in German:

“Alle Menschen werden Brüder,

Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.” Beethoven and the World, singing to Joy

In English:


“All people become brothers,
Where your gentle wing rests.” Thank you, Google Translate

As intrpreted by the St Louis Symphony:
St. Louis Symphony’s poster for their October 2015 performance of Beethoven’s 9th

As interpreted by the Carolina Ballet:

I’m guessing that’s Joy resting her gentle wing and all people becoming brothers.
As an added bonus,
“Some would say crazy, probably. Others would say astonishing.” Some redheaded German guy working for Intel about 100 drones synched with a symphony orchestra in Hamburg performing Beethoven
You decide: Crazy or Astonishing. Yes, I know it’s Beethoven’s Fifth, not the Ninth, but the drones’ performance is just too crazy or astonishing to pass up.

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