Song Lyric Sunday

Helen Espinosa’s theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is missing someone you love. The person I miss the most is the little boy my son used to be. The little boy who kept every sparkly rock he found because it was “special”. The little boy who crawled underneath a big cardboard box, pretending it was his shell and he was a pet turtle named Secret. The little boy who used to write his mother checks for a million dollars so she’d be rich.

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Song Lyric Sunday 3

Song Lyric Sunday


Broken heart

This week’s theme for Helen Espinosa’s Song Lyric Sunday is Breaking Up. I’m guessing most of us have played both parts, the breaker and the breakee. I know I have. It feels like I was on the losing side more often than the other way around, but when I look back, it was pretty much even.

So, why does it feel lopsided?

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