Song Lyric Sunday

Kate Bush
Kate Bush. New to me. What’s not to love?

Helen Espinosa, of This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, chose New to You as the theme for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday. I admit I haven’t gone seeking new music to listen to because I find comfort in the music I grew up with, and I really only listen in the car. Of course, I couldn’t escape hearing the music my son grew up with as well, but mostly I stick to the Oldies and show tunes.

Enter Candice Louisa Daquin, an unpretentiously exquisite poet, honest, passionate, and brilliant. She introduced me to Tim Arnold and his music, and then asked if I knew Kate Bush. I did not. I went looking, and found an inexplicable, unique artist with a bizarrely appealing sense of fun. I was hooked. A link to the YouTube video from her 1978 Lionheart album is in the song title. I hope you are as intrigued as I was.

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