Writers Who Dread Using Social Media

Benjamin Gorman, Co-Publisher of Not a Pipe Publishing, high school teacher, and best selling Amazon author invited me to share some advice. It’s the most convincing explanation I’ve ever read about why and how writers should use social media.

This is the first of his eight insightful points. I hope you’ll read the rest here.

1. Your website is passive.

Back when I was making the switch from a guy with one book and a logo to co-publisher, I knew I needed a slick website, so I went to a friend who was a pro to get his help. He taught me one of the most important distinctions that’s served me well in all my investments of time online. “Your website is passive,” he told me. “No one will know what’s there until you direct them to it.” Before I understood this, I’d visited the websites of some of my favorite authors, people who are pulling in significant annual incomes from their writing, people who could afford to have really fancy, expensive-looking sites, and, with a few exceptions, I found that their sites were pretty blah, and some were downright cheap looking. Foolish me, I thought, “Ha! I will have this competitive advantage by having a fancy, expensive site! I’m so much smarter than these incredibly successful authors!” Nope. Turns out they’re successful because they’re a lot smarter. They knew (or hired smart people who knew) that the website doesn’t make much of a difference. You should have one. It can be a free one. It’s basically a business card with links to your books, your bio, and a place to announce events. And even then, no one will know about the events you identify there unless you tell them elsewhere, because your website is passive. There are authors who develop a following with blogs, but the website is just a repository for that content. The audience is drawn to it because those authors go to social media to let folx know when they’ve added a post. Unless you are so successful people will search for your name, don’t sweat the website. And if you are so successful people are searching for your name, don’t sweat the website.”

Author: Sue Ranscht

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7 thoughts on “Writers Who Dread Using Social Media”

    1. No, sorry, I am not a co-publisher, Mimi. The advice I shared here is from Benjamin Gorman, Co-Publisher of Not a Pipe Publishing. There’s a link to the rest of his post so you’ll find it on Not a Pipe’s website. Good stuff.


  1. I’m looking at what you do. to figure how how to handle my new blog page on MaisieInHollywood. Don’t go look at it. All it says is ‘Content to come’

    I believe I saw something about you being part of a Children’s book writer and illustrator group. Or do I misremember that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right. SCBWI. I coordinate the online critique groups since January 2020. It’s been invaluable, especially since March of 2020 when they put in-person critique sharing on hiatus.


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