Cosmic Photo Challenge

This week, Dale, of Dale and K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, chose Contrast as the theme. Dale’s contribution is here. K’lee’s is here. Visit either or both to learn how to play along.

My contribution is multi-part, partly because they express different aspects of contrast, and partly because I couldn’t make up my mind.

Above are two images of the same photograph, one of which shows natural contrast, and the other of which shows a high contrast treatment, and both of which I show in contrast to each other.

The next two images are similar in that they both gain their contrast by light shining through a medium that determines the degree and quality of the contrast. The top image is light through translucent plastic, which creates a low, soft contrast. The bottom image is light through cloth creating a high, sharp contrast and letting you know you are looking at Iron Man 2 in a T-shirt.

The image below is a true color high-contrast shot of a 3-1/2″ tall laser-cut metal model of the Black Pearl that I got to bend and curl and put together myself. Because who doesn’t love an itty bitty pirate ship?

A 3-1/2″ tall model of the Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow would have loved being its captain if he had been really, really, reeeeealy tiny.

My final image shows Mina and Hugh, alike because they were litter mate mutts, sharing a blend of DNA from Lab, Spaniel, and Pomeranian breeds; in contrast because Mina was smaller and female with buff coloration and had a more Pomeranian face, while Hugh is larger, male, and black with the face of a lab. But both of them possessed the sweetest personalities you could hope to find in faithful friends.

Version 2
Awww, just look at those smiling faces. Who’s a good dog?

Happy Monday, everybody! Mina, Hugh, and me


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15 thoughts on “Cosmic Photo Challenge”

    1. Thank you, Kim! That’s my favorite photo of them. It was the first time I’d taken them with me to pick Hannah up at school, shortly after they came to live with me before Brylan moved back down here. We had time to walk down to the park, and they were just so happy to be there!


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